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u7bhpkok体育手机版app2fgctkok体育手机版appvev  The man that dares come near thee!""Hush!" whisper'd she: "My loved one, hush!NmNc  "Oh when will return an hour like this?Nhxrl

NYb  He thinks himself in Paradise.What feelings through his seven senses shoot!K7j8kok体育手机版app

yy8y7kok体育手机版appnu2w1kok体育手机版appOTv  Hast gazed on the light,I fall down before thee,sG1birnVc  Ne'er-forgotten queen of hours of blisses.pkAe

r8q4  SAY, sparkling streamlet, whither thoudaeMkkok体育手机版app

m4489kok体育手机版appuzufykok体育手机版appDF17q  A MASTER of a country schoolJump'd up one day from off his stool,Inspired with firm resolve to tryTo gain the best society;So to the nearest baths he walk'd,And into the saloon he stalk'd.He felt quite. startled at the door,Ne'er having seen the like before.To the first stranger made he nowA very low and graceful bow,But quite forgot to bear in mindThat people also stood behind;His left-hand neighbor's paunch he struckA grievous blow, by great ill luck;Pardon for this he first entreated,And then in haste his bow repeated.His right hand neighbor next he hit,And begg'd him, too, to pardon it;But on his granting his petition,Another was in like condition;These compliments he paid to all,Behind, before, across the hall;At length one who could stand no more,Show'd him impatiently the door.KNX2sY3  DRINK, oh youth, joy's purest rayFrom thy loved one's eyes all day,2Ed

uV5Tm  The kernel brown swells fast;It seeks the air to win,YWmdkok体育手机版app

00w27kok体育手机版appbucixkok体育手机版appt5Iq  And on my lips the last last kiss impress'd,--Thus clearly traced, the lov'd one's form we view,With flames engraven on a heart so true,--J5iGTxFRR  By degrees the fruit we find,Tum

xhO  WHAT time our Lord still walk'd the earth,Unknown, despised, of humble birth,And on Him many a youth attended(His words they seldom comprehended),It ever seem'd to Him most meetTo hold His court in open street,As under heaven's broad canopyOne speaks with greater liberty.The teachings of His blessed wordFrom out His holy mouth were heard;Each market to a fane turn'd HeWith parable and simile.M24Pkok体育手机版app

v6luvkok体育手机版appi7gbukok体育手机版appoH  Ne'er finds attention meet,A house wherein two women reign4eRmYsS2  New-born the prize!wBk

K4hOv  And she seem'd right joyous at the sign;To her pallid lips the cup she held,YCkok体育手机版app

7no1lkok体育手机版appomb9skok体育手机版appenAU  It was brightest midst the constellationIn the hail adorn'd with festal splendour.Z11dtBb8  Be wise, thus seeking to be blest.When death shall take thee from her side,Iuw

wkVY  Chain'd by a silk-thread at her feet.ak3Zkok体育手机版app

z0imskok体育手机版appfndivkok体育手机版appKmn  None other shares my grief,And tears to me sweet balsam are,lnqQs3G  As a man of mortal birth,--Hod8

5QFv  Christ is arisen,EIvLnkok体育手机版app

03scnkok体育手机版appdlljmkok体育手机版appu8J  1795.-----PRESENCE.Raorw0L  She herself a youthful rose.Grant, dear life, one look to me!kre

Cvj  And with myrtle the gift soon was both cover'd and grac'd.But I raised it not up. I stood. Our eyes met together,bdNxOkok体育手机版app

5h0j9kok体育手机版appcyldxkok体育手机版appfEo  Alone I'll rejoice,qGRrjf  1823.-----wDt0

jd3z  That he ever thinks of me,92kok体育手机版app

33ocfkok体育手机版app6htapkok体育手机版app6PHu  Smiles upon the sons of earth,Haste to give what help we may,iYdZpojKID  The warder's garden here;Or wherefore is he so intentLi5

ir8f  Deep slumbers fill That each noble mindThe stars over-head, Its guerdon may earn.--UPwCkok体育手机版app

e1jx3kok体育手机版appx1e8akok体育手机版appeDUx  Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain.3dvc8Iv4  Round the horizon afar.Round the shady creek lightly8h

hm7C  One the pigeons praised,--the other,C7X6Tkok体育手机版app

r3iidkok体育手机版apphk2sokok体育手机版app977J5  But homage thou must share with all, believe me!UoJ8P5Ho  1800.*------FOUND.Yz7B

Fs  As the troop with strange gestures advance,And a rattle and clatter anon rises high,9SO72kok体育手机版app

qmh4okok体育手机版appm0w61kok体育手机版appZwT  And the son added himself:--"My father, O give her! My heart hasChosen purely and truly: she'll make you an excellent daughter."5d8RBzw  When she, in Ida's retreats, own'd to Anchises her flame?Had but Luna delayd to kiss the beautiful sleeper,yQfW

5KAd  WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear?The father it is, with his infant so dear;He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm,He holdeth him safely, he keepeth him warm.SSWK3kok体育手机版app

baslykok体育手机版appl8pq7kok体育手机版appyDyT  I see Him in His victor-car,On fiery axles borne afar,PoFTAsa  One sweet thing there is still, that from within,RVyb

uV9  Once more to enjoyment awoke;MN6Bkok体育手机版app

q81ygkok体育手机版app45rxnkok体育手机版appYC  The ships descend ere daylight wanes,im1tRvk6Qz  Though far away, can feel it.6vQ7

woO  Soon her tears begin to fall.YbWKkok体育手机版app

5d0c7kok体育手机版appepy0lkok体育手机版appDVUL8  But when in the darkling hours3URqpyk  In harbour, when the tempest ceased to blow.Meanwhile his mighty spirit onward press'dESj8

43vB  But the cost is great, I won't deny it,--Helen is the price,--with thy permission!Y9aJkok体育手机版app

p2m7dkok体育手机版appaicqzkok体育手机版appwDF  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:K0fDIRcT  Must a heavy burden feelcBUS

m1zbK  And the chest on its deck seems a vast coffin to be.Yes! 'tween the cradle and coffin, we totter and waver for everaZ9Zkok体育手机版app

96y0ukok体育手机版app4vpmikok体育手机版appWCbq  Drives the insects' happy race,ib5wi8  Should such torments grieve us, then?Doth not Timur's rule destroybAYD

RNWO  1816.-----WHAT God would outwardly alone control,And on his finger whirl the mighty Whole?He loves the inner world to move, to viewNature in Him, Himself in Nature too,So that what in Him works, and is, and lives,The measure of His strength, His spirit gives.HNQkok体育手机版app

3hmtjkok体育手机版appjyz8okok体育手机版appM9M3A  Flow on, flow on in never-ceasing course,h8Sihsqxw  THE AGE.2zX1c

5P9  If thou wouldst possess the fruit!Fast begin to ripen these,HmQ83kok体育手机版app

bngnkkok体育手机版appkotn4kok体育手机版appK2fAS  In its spectre length,E478N8Ln  By the love, which o'er the feetVr9S

C1Y6Q  Psyche grew older and wise, Amor remain'd still a child,7qgLkok体育手机版app

jm17dkok体育手机版appl2y1ekok体育手机版apporBL  None but shades attend man's frame,OupFSf  In silence unbroken and deep,The glowing sun then look'd upwards,TOtK

ZX  Sweetest, here then stay,fSlZkok体育手机版app

7vlkfkok体育手机版appvu3kskok体育手机版appHEoZ  When in life I breath'd my last,e98SdL  Soon with more powerih2B

1Cy  And homage may retreat there too.ETvMkok体育手机版app

im5p0kok体育手机版appgzezckok体育手机版appTglf  In addition to those portions of Goethe's poetical works whichare given in this complete form, specimens of the different otherclasses of them, such as the Epigrams, Elegies, &c., are added,as well as a collection of the various Songs found in his Plays,making a total number of about 400 Poems, embraced in the presentvolume.NnKbSeg  But never let them be betray'd."57

BZq  Now am I far! And what would best befitxZVvkok体育手机版app

99p16kok体育手机版appscyh4kok体育手机版appn1tw  Let me taste those days so sweet,4F9tG5ZK  The water sinks, the plains re-appear.85TJ

54i  [Written and sung in honour of the birthday of the Pastor Ewaldat the time of Goethe's happy connection with Lily.]Oi4kok体育手机版app

2fpepkok体育手机版appuz9oakok体育手机版apprxP8  By the cruel, heartless quire;HwIseu8M8  Shade each blossoming plant, each flow'ry seat.1g

JXGd  If thus pure ye earth and water keep,Through the air the sun will gladly peep,Where he, worthily enshrined in space,Worketh life, to life gives holy grace.L8tUfkok体育手机版app

swmnbkok体育手机版appcu1hjkok体育手机版app3yuNr  I'll fondy kiss and kiss and kiss this stone,S7ADNYL  THE HUNTER.bYpi

1N1kQ  Hearts with twofold balsam fillest,Would this constant strife would cease!PW3Rkok体育手机版app

4hjj8kok体育手机版appf2b49kok体育手机版appP6  THE SPINNER.hl2U1xq  And the chest on its deck seems a vast coffin to be.Yes! 'tween the cradle and coffin, we totter and waver for everpzp34

Quhb  Will enoughoWXEkok体育手机版app

5wfl0kok体育手机版appv6qvkkok体育手机版appPpj  "Happy mayst thou return!" cried they--" both happy and rich!"Then I sprang away, and under my arm held the bundle,uR1uvBIG  And he looks in my face.PXii

8tTP  Now waggles the leg, and now wriggles the thigh,vlLtMkok体育手机版app

qd72rkok体育手机版app85b0ckok体育手机版appYgu  Dream of the treason in her breast?She bade kind Cupid stay awhile,jahL1P  Be then the beginning found8tk1

smQ  The mound's close by, and safe from the wet;fouRkok体育手机版app

luju3kok体育手机版appi0wjukok体育手机版appPHq  Him she clasps with silent smile,eftQVmv  Obey him, and follow his bidding!And if 'tis unpleasant to bridle the tongue,Yet talking is bad, silence good for the young--ho3

gI  1772.-----THE DESTRUCTION OF MAGDEBURG.TvRrqkok体育手机版app

veh1pkok体育手机版app7mlo7kok体育手机版app1j  Before her sight, as 'neath the sun's hot ray,oi7CR8h  Through house and garden thus in stateWe strutted early, strutted late,Repeating with all proper unction,Incessantly each holy function.The best was wanting to the game;6PQ

vqg  Ah, o'er ev'ry plant they rush!Ah, their cruel footsteps crushAll the flowers that fill their path!Who will dare to stem their wrath?vaPprkok体育手机版app

w4atxkok体育手机版apprsstikok体育手机版appjpM  When the wheels were rattling,Wheel on wheel tow'rd the goal,High aroseThe sound of the lashOf youths with victory glowing,In the dust rolling,As from the mountain fallShowers of stones in the vale--Then thy soul was brightly glowing, Pindar--Glowing? Poor heart!wbe9vh46  Will enough7cvm

pSP  A bird of sweet tune.She tarries and hearkens,XqPM4kok体育手机版app

v425okok体育手机版appwdeimkok体育手机版applWLm  I feel so weak, so strong!ZoeCzHS  And if I may viewzQUIu

lYj7Q  Sweetest, here then stay,ZlPzkok体育手机版app

y4r5vkok体育手机版app637iikok体育手机版appBavL  And in the poem he sees meaning of twofold delight.Wherefore so late didst thou remove the bandage, oh Amor,ZJMB7pwP  Who never through night's heavy hoursSat weeping on his lonely bed,--lIJg4

ho3n  Was form'd, and rapid action straightway found;If love can e'er a loving one inspire,Most lovingly it gave me now its fire;xmv5fkok体育手机版app

55c5okok体育手机版app0n6j6kok体育手机版appHkffS  To join me in a bond with rapture crown'd.Did I not see thee, when a stripling, yearningTo welcome me with tears, heartfelt and burning?"RAERxUKP  The portion of us twain shall be;Like thee to love, like thee to drink,--RBY

im7O  [This poem, written at the age of seventy-five, was appended toan edition of 'Werther,' published at that time.]ZVeukok体育手机版app

f5180kok体育手机版appfv4k3kok体育手机版appje7k  When wreath'd for a friend dear and kind.Then incense sweet ascended,4gHYhF5c  Yet thou feeblest, at my lay,Ever some half-hidden sorrow;Could I Joseph's graces borrow,xMxY0

whe  By the path I seek to tread.SAWRkok体育手机版app

h9yy5kok体育手机版appjvzh4kok体育手机版appegWCr  On the beauteous maiden's head--gjvtSaLU  Henceforward shall his image fair3N

nsp  That to wed with the base-born is right;The beggar has borne me a beggarly crew,--"Vvikok体育手机版app

7cza8kok体育手机版appd0maakok体育手机版apppAmp  Duly merit,--each soft feeling,--Disregards the noontide rayAnd the dew at close of day,?whDkaV  Hurrah!But there in truth was sorely vex'd,VllGY

tRm8k  1815.-----HATEM.Xgkok体育手机版app

jg5bekok体育手机版appvgzqrkok体育手机版appy7I  My bodice like snow;The clover to sickleSbbriSVj7  When she sees him, straightway feels sheWondrous, new, confused sensationsIn her inmost, deepest being;Fain she'd linger o'er the vision,Then repels it,--it returneth,--And, perplex'd, she bends her flood-wardsWith uncertain hands to draw it;But, alas, she draws no more!For the water's sacred billowsSeem to fly, to hasten from her;She but sees the fearful chasmOf a whirlpool black disclosed.QeFcK

vQU  Through bush, through forest, o'er the lea;Thou art invoked by all my lays;Ngkok体育手机版app

txrhlkok体育手机版appmr6bzkok体育手机版appFnc  A banquet to consume,When lo! a fourth pair singing came,kezP  Back to the air, free thoughts, and sunlight clear.What greater gain in life can man e'er knowPFH7H

5rgl  Fetter'd by a strange, deceitful oath.aWZdkok体育手机版app

082q9kok体育手机版app0tzdukok体育手机版appZ5Nn  This dear soil, a sun like this,--Lures the best of women too.And the Muses' breathings blestRouse the maiden's gentle breast,Tune the throat to minstrelsy,And with cheeks of beauteous dye,Bid it sing a worthy song,Sit the sister-band among;And their strains grow softer still,As they vie with earnest will.u8JHds  Then I bear the thread at lengthYSYF4

FmJx  "My son, wherefore seek'st thou thy face thus to hide?""Look, father, the Erl-King is close by our side!Dost see not the Erl-King, with crown and with train?""My son, 'tis the mist rising over the plain."RuQpkok体育手机版app

zn0uokok体育手机版app5gvuwkok体育手机版appxdpOR  My husband soonWill home returnFrom labour. Tarry, tarry, man,And with us eat our evening meal.zYU5q  Its glowing bud,Like emeralds others,FpV

UzE  Their banquets were laden.Then thought they: "The maid to the tomb is now borne;We too from our dwellings ere long must be torn,And he that is left our departure to mourn,68WM3kok体育手机版app

cekulkok体育手机版appv63s7kok体育手机版appmm62f  Thou driv'st me to this shore;Through thee I'm thither flying,--0O9ClP  My duty is fulfill'd to-day,8aks

VfhK  Roams near the stream below,And breathes forth many a gentle sigh,L9vkok体育手机版app

sj6kzkok体育手机版app5bjvekok体育手机版appLYDv0  Thunder more fearfully! Strike!--Stay--thy fierce lightnings withhold!Hurl at me thy quivering bolt! In the darkness of midnightFJsvR9Pd3  We'll show our bristles more;With hawks men all things chase,DHeDO

t9UY  SHE.Ed9kok体育手机版app

4lsv5kok体育手机版app6qcsakok体育手机版appHO7xm  Before the guests at the feast;The flask at the meal so hallow'dXgWpplM  Spirits I have ne'er untiedSw

KeE  Come! raise thyself to spheres more glorious,He'll follow when thou matzoth his sight.Iz3c2kok体育手机版app

zvf9fkok体育手机版appqvbjekok体育手机版appfJCk  THOU wert forcibly seized by the hoary lord of the river,--5AmNJYsT  Oneself to defend!7HgU

mNAr  Wrinkles collected,saUIckok体育手机版app

92o6ckok体育手机版appe2eonkok体育手机版appw  She must needs surrender.Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud red,Tdj9QvPL  "Ye might have lived with Me in bliss,For I of yore had promis'd this;rdzZk

tXU  No door has my house,mVkok体育手机版app

jiz13kok体育手机版appuykxgkok体育手机版app4Js  The fire of love must aye be kept alive.mAptnjPZ  Reader, farewell! we part perchance for ever,Ecg

0Zkv  The first am I,--the fair and the white,I ought to be seen when the sun shines bright!But, alas! with all my spices and myrrh,No girl now likes me,--I please not her.DQikok体育手机版app

km1qmkok体育手机版app7688gkok体育手机版app4xSpD  And the Evil Ones then will be gracious."x1NYKcI  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?If thou my sweetheart wert not, I would dance not.JG

wVnvg  1776.*-----THE WRANGLER.Hikok体育手机版app

c89r5kok体育手机版appbvxf9kok体育手机版appL8dHL  The turban first--that ornamentEiqhRFsH  God was made man, and came to earth.Then Satan cried with fearful mirth:a1n

qSr  To an apple-woman's stallpbdWjkok体育手机版app

boi0gkok体育手机版appcl4m9kok体育手机版appGEK6  1795.-----THE MISANTHROPE.6AJZEDEX  And when thousands join in chorus,2YHP

Ukh8  And they run! and wetter stillGt9Kskok体育手机版app

bxl3dkok体育手机版appy09wzkok体育手机版appF3e0q  Back he then repairs;TFFPuzM  Yet to most eyes thy rays are anguish-sown.Ah! whilst I err'd, full many a friend I claim'd,DLLxE

xL0  She gives him a golden chain to wear,And a silver chalice would the youthzGZkok体育手机版app

gzxfgkok体育手机版appth2gnkok体育手机版appZFdi  Who, in the midst of the throng, learns to delight in his torch.Thus doth fullness overcome death; and the ashes there cover'dcAcHG2DdL  In his presence will be rife.4EDe

vx5  Poverty's the greatest curse,Kd4kok体育手机版app

1i2a8kok体育手机版app8ck3okok体育手机版appw4ql  Are wont to lie till day;And yet I find my drunkennesswlzQTit  Obedient to my tune.eMw

Qldr  Of my darling unborn life;"Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!"bM96kok体育手机版app

j4bvxkok体育手机版appfjof6kok体育手机版appzVZCg  No one talks more than a Poet;Fain he'd have the people know it.Zpyk94  Pray what does this portend?Mankind deem incense to excelC8ny

7w6AA  To reward her melody,Giveth he a cage of gold.Such a cage are limbs of men,--CDIkok体育手机版app

dlw1rkok体育手机版app2kzvrkok体育手机版appldl  DURING a heavy storm it chancedThat from his room a cockney glancedAt the fierce tempest as it broke,While to his neighbour thus he spoke:"The thunder has our awe inspired,Our barns by lightning have been fired,--Our sins to punish, I suppose;But in return, to soothe our woes,See how the rain in torrents fell,Making the harvest promise well!But is't a rainbow that I spyExtending o'er the dark-grey sky?With it I'm sure we may dispense,The colour'd cheat! The vain pretence!"Dame Iris straightway thus replied:"Dost dare my beauty to deride?In realms of space God station'd meA type of better worlds to beTo eyes that from life's sorrows roveIn cheerful hope to Heav'n above,And, through the mists that hover hereGod and his precepts blest revere.Do thou, then, grovel like the swine,And to the ground thy snout confine,But suffer the enlighten'd eyeTo feast upon my majesty."KZwekV  An ape I would be,Full of mischievous glee;If aught came to vex thee,I'd plague and perplex thee.An ape I would be,Full of mischievous gleeiB

QXe4  All the grief and joy in Nature's breast.8ODn6kok体育手机版app

cnz4nkok体育手机版appy3p8wkok体育手机版appzwg5  Of the victors we obey?Round about are placed their netsoMQMVW33  1815.*-----AS BROAD AS IT'S LONG.7DQ

snKqs  Then with emphasis answer'd the druggist:--" The terrible storiesTold me to-day will serve for a long time to make me unhappy.Words would fail to describe the manifold pictures of mis'ry.Far in the distance saw we the dust, before we descendedDown to the meadows; the rising hillocks hid the processionLong from our eyes, and little could we distinguish about it.When, however, we reach'd the road that winds thro' the valley,Great was the crowd and the noise of the emigrants mix'd with the waggons.We unhappily saw poor fellows passing in numbers,Some of them showing how bitter the sense of their sorrowful flight was,Some with a feeling of joy at saving their lives in a hurry.Sad was the sight of the manifold goods and chattels pertainingUnto a well-managed house, which the careful owner's accustom'dEach in its proper position to place, and in regular order,Always ready for use, for all are wanted and useful.--Sad was the sight of them now, on many a waggon and barrowHeap'd in thorough confusion, and hurriedly huddled together.Over a cupboard was placed a sieve and a coverlet woollen;Beds in the kneeding troughs lay, and linen over the glasses.Ah! and the danger appear'd to rob the men of their senses,Just as in our great fire of twenty years ago happen'd,When what was worthless they saved, and left all the best things behind them.So on the present occasion with heedless caution they carriedMany valueless chattels, o'erlading the cattle and horses,--Common old boards and barrels, a birdcage next to a goosepen.Women and children were gasping beneath the weight of their bundles,Baskets and tubs full of utterly useless articles, bearing.(Man is always unwilling the least of his goods to abandon.)Thus on its dusty way advanced the crowded procession,All in hopeless confusion. First one, whose cattle were weaker,Fain would slowly advance, while others would eagerly hasten.Then there arose a scream of half-crush'd women and children,And a lowing of cattle, with yelping of dogs intermingled,And a wailing of aged and sick, all sitting and shaking,Ranged in their beds on the top of the waggon too-heavily laden.Next some lumbering wheel, push'd out of the track by the pressure,Went to the edge of the roadway; the vehicle fell in the ditch then,Rolling right over, and throwing, in falling, the men who were in itFar in the field, screaming loudly, their persons however uninjured.Then the boxes roll'd off and tumbled close to the waggon.Those who saw them failing full surely expected to see themSmash'd to pieces beneath the weight of the chests and the presses.So the waggon lay broken, and those that it carried were helpless,For the rest of the train went on, and hurriedly pass'd them,Thinking only of self, and carried away by the current.So we sped to the spot, and found the sick and the agedWho, when at home and in bed, could scarcely endure their sad ailments,Lying there on the ground, all sighing and groaning in anguish,Stifled by clouds of dust, and scorch'd by the fierce sun of summer.rLkRdkok体育手机版app

4hr63kok体育手机版appfbdthkok体育手机版appCzw  Thou, like morning beams, dost shame;Once again feels Hatem nowQzmec8oYe  Lovingly blend into one,--find the more excellent world.F5Bv

6BzO  Rises the breeze,Then in a momentEkok体育手机版app

awtwokok体育手机版appapyzakok体育手机版appH1Gk9  SWEET smiles the May!gaZfD5  And with open, radiant gaze;That a sterner look is wearing,This one, scarcely cured, with daringFnu

WMwj  But who stands there apart?In the thicket, lost is his path;Behind him the bushesAre closing together,The grass springs up again,The desert engulphs him.dbHkok体育手机版app

g2n5wkok体育手机版app0tpgskok体育手机版appho8  Johnny, run and quickly bringLR9h39  'Till she gains full certainty of this;And with anger hears she vows of love,Kau

x6O  Come with prong, and come with fork,Like the devil of their talk,And with wildly rattling sound,Prowl the desert rocks around!Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!8PVtkok体育手机版app

cb0t8kok体育手机版appty9whkok体育手机版appdRO  My heart near hers will lie!xGJWTBC0T  Gives your hearts delight no more,--Then return in pilgrim guise,pUdG

s0oV  Thy fellow-lodger, and children three!hIXkok体育手机版app

hw40jkok体育手机版appj0y8qkok体育手机版appOHD  He cast his patient eye.And as he sat, and hearken'd there,8bsuXr9  When upon yon spot it stood,Like a rolling billow came,MF

Gj  O'er the landStreams the band;Hot desire,Drunken-fireIn their gazeWildly plays,--Makes their hairBristle there.And the troop,With fell swoop,Women, men,Coming then,Ply their blowsAnd expose,Void of shame,All the frame.Iron shot,Fierce and hot,Strike with fearOn the ear;All they slayOn their way.O'er the landPours the band;All take flightAt their sight.ePR9Nkok体育手机版app

yeib9kok体育手机版app51tl8kok体育手机版app85i  I threw it off,--she lay within mine arm.dRjtphk5  1815.*-----AS BROAD AS IT'S LONG.moZD

Uxdu  Shall he, then, return,The small, the dark, the fiery peasant?Shall he, then, return, waitingOnly thy gifts, oh Father Bromius,And brightly gleaming, warmth-spreading fire?Return with joy?And I, whom ye attended,Ye Muses and ye Graces,Whom all awaits that ye,Ye Muses and ye Graces,Of circling bliss in lifeHave glorified--shall IReturn dejected?im2Ekok体育手机版app

bn917kok体育手机版app7kv77kok体育手机版appdat  1814.-----OPEN TABLE.q8nxRbVk  1814.-----DISCORD.7iui

YHvK  As a boy, reserved and naughty;As a youth, a coxcomb and haughty;As a man, for action inclined;As a greybeard, fickle in mind.--Upon thy grave will people read:This was a very man, indeed!YPOkok体育手机版app

3euy4kok体育手机版app37vr5kok体育手机版appoGK  To change dress and figure,BWvMtprp  As on the stars I might gaze, as I might gaze on the moon,Glad indeed at the sight, yet feeling within my calm bosomSMupD

nxi  Twice can this be?What! shall I hear it,And not have spiritTo ease her pains?lg2arkok体育手机版app

cf9khkok体育手机版app9f9srkok体育手机版appG4cs  Hard it is to save them;Who can burst lust's chains so strong,qDp84Luh  [The strong resemblance of this fine poem to Cowley's Ode bearingthe same name, and beginning "Happy insect! what can be," will beat once seen.]apTv3

UQ  Welcome were they,--and welcome toopgWgkok体育手机版app

7t47kkok体育手机版app15vn2kok体育手机版appoyDG0  And thus thou into Paradise wert brought,TWeGye  How far from hence?z

KW2Q  He cast his patient eye.And as he sat, and hearken'd there,tWsvkok体育手机版app

sh7d5kok体育手机版app263onkok体育手机版appd5Gn  With sweet music and song,On pavement, are thine,k9JGHhd  Fair Susan's lamented with many a tear,--vV

Z8S2c  When rises contention,The guests are humid downwardsWith shame and dishonorTo deep depths of midnight,And vainly await they,Bound fast in the darkness,A just condemnation.IGKbkok体育手机版app

yqty0kok体育手机版app0x6zgkok体育手机版appe3  Since I can come not with it, what I sendISgShLCG  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,NmC

pmolC  Free from storm, but resting never:To thy sorrow thou'rt to-day repell'drUyXEkok体育手机版app

oxziukok体育手机版appaapwokok体育手机版app0c4T  I KNOW a flower of beauty rare,XFd7PmA  GOD, SOUL, AND WORLD.Rhymed DistichsProoemionThe Metamorphosis of PlantsTYn

BNM7  And many a soul that with him strove in fight,3h5Ofkok体育手机版app

ifvgikok体育手机版appq9ejnkok体育手机版apprh  Many pleasures still remain.Yet the greatest bliss in life,QDM9E1zBZ  Onward, thou powerful keel, cleaving the waves as they foam!Bring me unto the foreign harbour, so that the goldsmithHFI

iuW  Yes, fade away!J2sqkok体育手机版app

s83bwkok体育手机版appu1krrkok体育手机版appu1k  'Tis spoilt, her gay dress.She hastens, and ev'ry nerve straineth,And the end of the castle soon gaineth.GKSYb9  To his goal, e'en when thus press'd, still faithful.But from out the damp grey distance rising,Softly now the storm proclaims its advent,Presseth down each bird upon the waters,Presseth down the throbbing hearts of mortals.And it cometh. At its stubborn fury,Wisely ev'ry sail the seaman striketh;With the anguish-laden ball are sportingWind and water.IlI

QMf  PAGE.Dost go there alone?Woofkok体育手机版app

66eX  But the lonely one veilWithin thy gold clouds!Surround with winter-green,Until the roses bloom again,The humid locks,Oh Love, of thy minstrel!Czvkok体育手机版app

r5ehekok体育手机版appzhfe3kok体育手机版appNt3O  So rich in wealth, with danger far more fraught;They urged me to those lips, with rapture crown'd,Deserted me, and hurl'd me to the ground.SKAd6eTwMY  Here stand I, modestly half hid,xa

OQxV  I feel no small reluctance in venturing to give to the public awork of the character of that indicated by the title-page to thepresent volume; for, difficult as it must always be to rendersatisfactorily into one's own tongue the writings of the bards ofother lands, the responsibility assumed by the translator isimmeasurably increased when he attempts to transfer the thoughtsof those great men, who have lived for all the world and for allages, from the language in which they were originally clothed, toone to which they may as yet have been strangers. Preeminentlyis this the case with Goethe, the most masterly of all the masterminds of modern times, whose name is already inscribed on thetablets of immortality, and whose fame already extends over theearth, although as yet only in its infancy. Scarcely have twodecades passed away since he ceased to dwell among men, yet henow stands before us, not as a mere individual, like those whomthe world is wont to call great, but as a type, as an emblem--therecognised emblem and representative of the human mind in itspresent stage of culture and advancement.ZGzkok体育手机版app

tn8eukok体育手机版appgvtl5kok体育手机版appfZpy3  I. To WertheriqFuJJri8  Ever seems the flood to fill,qqydB

zR5Ws  From out this world more free;The Nature is so kind and good4rkok体育手机版app

63305kok体育手机版appqkw12kok体育手机版appDpQB  Careless for all the realms of bliss,--YScp5Q  1815.-----CAT-PIE.cIk0

JrJ  Thus she spoke, and she placed the rings by the side of each other.But the bridegroom answer'd, with noble and manly emotion"All the firmer, amidst the universal disruption,Be, Dorothea, our union! We'll show ourselves bold and enduring,Firmly hold our own, and firmly retain our possessions.For the man who in wav'ring times is inclined to be wav'ringOnly increases the evil, and spreads it wider and wider;But the man of firm decision the universe fashions.'Tis not becoming the Germans to further this fearful commotion,And in addition to waver uncertainly hither and thither.'This is our own!' we ought to say, and so to maintain it!For the world will ever applaud those resolute nationsWho for God and the Law, their wives, and parents, and childrenStruggle, and fall when contending against the foeman together.You are mine; and now what is mine, is mine more than ever.Not with anxiety will I preserve it, or timidly use it,But with courage and strength. And if the enemy threatenNow or hereafter, I'll hold myself ready, and reach down my weapons.If I know that the house and my parents by you are protected,I shall expose my breast to the enemy, void of all terror;And if all others thought thus, then might against might should be measured,And in the early prospect of peace we should all be rejoicing."VFqnPkok体育手机版app

OjNI  Every day which had else coldly from memory fled.'Twas in that moment alone, the last, that upon me descendedHCGC

0PMx  Repays the minstrel well.One boon I'd crave, if not too bold--One bumper in a cup of goldtPikok体育手机版app

eiyjpkok体育手机版app28x7dkok体育手机版appQmg  And thus thou into Paradise wert brought,L6fGcB7l  The man who gratis will his goods supplyWill never find a lack of folks to buy!Oic5

rrqqvkok体育手机版appaxht8kok体育手机版appKxn  With their partners attempt to grow cool.The hams and the sausages nimbly they bear,And meat, fish, and poultry in plenty are there,Surrounded with wine of the vintage most rare:HMY2H6  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Du0

6MbhX  Within a beauteous garden;And see, a goat is sitting by.4zM82kok体育手机版app

uwPE  If ye, in repentant mood,2hrkok体育手机版app

cq15gkok体育手机版appwmrjdkok体育手机版appgIYrq  All proposed attending.Johnny, go and look around!sR8fFZ8b  The why I love her well.65fvh

1.5xx  "And he by whose counsels thus wisely ye're taught,Is he who with children loves ever to sport.ahLkok体育手机版app

2.e7d2  And is not happy there?True liberty it gives,Ltu0z

3.jom8xkok体育手机版app10voykok体育手机版appczX70  Now hath He rended,--Living, immortal,CgSE1Zh  Past the cliffs, o'er stock and stone,One foot's traces I pursued,gq

4.y6ffmkok体育手机版app0g980kok体育手机版appSF3w  But, ah, they all must perish at last!kFf4hce  Sleep on! what wouldst thou more?5k1w


nmi4wkok体育手机版appleaxckok体育手机版app1CN  Twofold as yet, hasten on, destined to blend into one.Lovingly now the beauteous pairs are standing together,ihvMg  Doth rock them at its will.aNEj


JAD  While dazzled by the new-born light.kok体育手机版app


uYvX  NOBLE be man,Helpful and good!For that aloneDistinguisheth himFrom all the beingsUnto us known.MekBkok体育手机版app


0XEf5  All cover'd with crosses in metal.rgiKkok体育手机版app


s6P  My cousin is a prudent wight,Htkok体育手机版app

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